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Monks[править код]

Monks have the ability to do many things, as long you have researched the abilities.

To make a monk research Ordination, this is within the Education, Theology section.

Monks can help a player to win an election in the parish capital by either increasing or decreasing the number of available votes to a player in a parish with a village. Monks can do this with no additional research. One Monk will create one vote.

Monks are able to cure disease in a capital, this is dependant on how many monks are sent as well as your level of research into baptism. They will reduce the level of disease, unless enough monks are sent to remove it completely.

Other abilities of monks are Blessing, Inquisition, Interdict, Absolution and Excommunication.

Monks also require Faith Points, which is explained in another section. Initially the first Monk will cost 150 gold, if you can create more (via research) the cost decreases.

Don’t forget, monks will not survive the trip, ensure you use them carefully.

Faith Points 024 fp.jpg[править код]

In order to use Monks you are going to need Faith Points, in order to gain Faith Points you will need to research Theology and place religious buildings. This will require research located with the Education, Arts (level 3), Theology branch.

Religous Research[править код]

The religious research is located with the Education section of the research table.

Religious research tree

(Level 3) Theology (Level 5) Ordination (Allows the creation of monks) (Level 1) Pilgrimage (Increase the speed of monks)

(Level 3) Theology (Level 7) Baptism (Gives access to Restoration) Allows Monks to remove plague from a parish capital.

(Level 8) Marriage (Gives access to Blessing). Allows Monks to increase parish popularity.

(Level 9) Confirmation (Gives access to Inquisition) – Allows Monks to decrease parish popularity.

(Level 10) Eucharist – (Gives access to Interdicts) – Allows Monks to prevent attacks on villages.

If a player has a protected village, then this player will be unable to attack another.

(Level 12) Confession – (Gives access to Absolution) – Allows Monks to reduce time of excommunicated villages.

(Level 13) Extreme Unction – (Gives access to Excommunication) – This allows Monks to removes church powers and therefore stop the excommunicated player from using monks.

Religious buildings

Religious Buildings[править код]

You can building the following types of religious buildings in Stronghold Kingdoms.

Small Shrines - Costs no gold to build and each small shrines gives 1 faith point per day.

Large Shrines - Costs no gold to build and each large shrines gives 4 faith points per day.

Small Church - Costs gold to build and gives 8 faith points and 3 honour points per day.

Medium Church - Costs gold to build and gives 15 faith points and 8 honour points per day.

Large Church - Costs gold to build and gives 100 faith points and 26 honour points per day.

Why isn’t my monk moving any faster after research?[править код]

If you finish research after the monk has started moving on the map, the research will not affect them.